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You thought our minds were messed up? Check out our music collections...

Continuing the marriage of music and art, Stoodio53 is happy to offer you a glimpse into our musical archives. We offer sets of punk, roots rock, hip hop, electronic, garage and more in 30-minute chunks with a special emphasis on local artists. Setlists and links will be provided so you can pursue the bands you like and send nasty emails to the ones you don't.

Keep in mind that we are publishing these mixes as a free service to both you the listener and the artists involved. We are simply showcasing great music by local and lesser known acts and hope that, if you like what you hear, you will complete the circle and buy some vinyl from these bands. No one is getting paid here, but we can all get down...

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MixTape #29: Best Believe the Hype - Pubix Cubed remixed
October 22, 2007

October 22: "Gettin' paid like a biker with the best cranks..sprayed like a high-rank sniper in the West Bank."

Oh my goodness..there's more where that comes from..

DJs Baron von Funtan (the dj) and mixmastermully team up once again as Pubix Cubed to bring you tasty little rhymes and beats from across the hip hop spectrum.

Artists include Meka54, Blackalicious, Big Daddy Kane and more..

Stoodio53 MixTape #29 (26MB)


MixTape #28: Country&Western with djBullitt
October 11 , 2007

October 11: As the days get shorter and the cool winds kick up drying leaves, the thoughts of a Southern boy turn southward once again. Try as he might, djBullitt just can't kick his country roots. Come sit for a spell around the Country and Western hearth. It's guaranteed to warm you up..

Artists include Arthur Smith, Ernest Tubb, Buck Owens and more..

Stoodio53 MixTape #28 (26 MB)


MixTape #27: mixmastermully
September 27 , 2007

September 27: rhyme? reason? you'll find none of that theme shit here. this mix is meant to wake you up and get you moving. another MixTape of bands from Boston and Chicago and beyond, straight your head. Can you tell I just got a mixer? It's like 'Hocus Focus' for your ears..

Artists include Baby Shakes, Headache City, Mark Sultan, Tampoffs and more

Stoodio53 MixTape #27 (29 MB)


MixTape #26: Part 1 of the Apocalypse with Selecter70
September 8 , 2007

Part 1 of the Apocalypse with Selecter70

September 8: Despite the end of the cold war more than 15 years ago, the threat of nuclear attack remains. Kim Jong IL just exploded a Bomb; Iran's Ahmadinejad claims to have 3,000 centrifuges enriching uraniam 'for peaceful purposes'; Pakistan's A.Q. Khan ran a veritable nuclear bazaar for decades; and every Al Qaeda affiliate in the world wants a suitcase bomb of their very own..

The premise was simple; make a MixTape themed upon impending nuclear assault. Selecter70 came back with six MixTapes themed on nukulah meltdown. C'mon in! The apocalypse is fine..

Artists include Jimmy Lloyd, Screaming Lord Sutch, Ansel Collins and more

Stoodio53 MixTape #26 (29 MB)


MixTape #25: Toblerone Part Deux
August 21 , 2007

This MixTape is funkier than Bootsie's diaper after a three-week tour of southeast Asia.

Oh yeah. I said it..

Artists include Honey Cone, The Paktazis, Cymande and more

Stoodio53 MixTape #25 (27 MB)



MixTape #24: DrunkTape
July 8, 2007

It was bound to happen. We've been putting together MixTapes showcasing amazing local and independent bands for and from our friends for about a year and a half now. In that time, the weekly downloads and new subscriber numbers have risen steadily. In early June, we topped the 10K mark.

To celebrate this milestone and our recommitment to the project, I propose a toast. Whether it's beer, wine or gin you prefer, you'll find it on Mixmastermully's Drunktape. Don't worry, he's buying..

Artists include Heavy Balls and the Flipoffs, Studdogs, Jimmy Luxury and more..

Stoodio53 MixTape #24 (23 MB)



April 10 , 2007

Remember when things would heat up during an episode of Night Rider and, just before Kit went over a cliff to certain doom, 'To Be Continued' would flash across the screen? That's how I feel every time I finish MixTape #22 from Tara.

It's part two in our 'piss off, winter' series. To help snap you out of that funk, it's sweeps week here at Stoodio53.com. We've got the baddest of the Turpentine Brothers, Justin, picking up where Tara left off. Hop in as he takes us right over that cliff.. If we don't hit bottom, maybe we'll hit spring..

Artists include Clone Defects, Michael Yonkers, Urinals, The Equals and more..

Stoodio53 MixTape #23 (29 MB)



MixTape #22: Tara Tara Tara!
February 25 , 2007

So I was psyched to get a MixTape from such a prolific musician (Tara is the beat behind Mr. Airplane Man and the Turpentine Brothers), but things went wrong. Funny how we pine for tapes. I forgot how quirky they are.

My deck ate Tara's MixTape.

With some surgery, I was able to salvage it and you'll hear that old familiar muffled sound where it got chomped. It adds to the charm, yeah? Tara mixed a set to help get you going in the AM. This set's got it all, with time to space, time to chill and, ultimately, time to face the day.

Artists include Les Rallizes Denudes, CoCoComa, The Upsetters, Bud Powell and more..

Stoodio53 MixTape #22 (29 MB)



MixTape #21: Chez Nips is dead..Long Live Whistling Nips!
January 14, 2007

With a name like Nips, it's gotta be good! There's no coincidence that 'spin' is 'Nips' backwards. The former drummer for Boston punks Showcase Showdown, Nips has changed his name from Chez to Whistling and begun training for a steel cage match with Zamfir, master of the pan flute. Some advice; the smart money always goes with the Nips..

Artists include Chicago faves M.O.T.O, The Modernettes, The Hatepinks and so much more.

Stoodio53 MixTape #21 (24 MB)



MixTape #20: Selecter70's Punk Rock Xmas
December 3, 2006

Three years ago, djSelecter70 make a double mixtape for the holidaze. It was a work of art, with meticulously chosen songs that genre-hopped relentlessly and spotlighted songs I felt privileged to now have in my possession. It was this mixtape that inspired the entire MixTape Series. Last year, I posted an excerpt from tape1 that could be described as the 'family friendly' tape (see MixTape #6). This year, I've taken 19 minutes from tape2, the punk rock perspective on the season. Enjoy!

Artists include The Showcase Showdown, The UK Subs, The Wretched Ones and more.

Stoodio53 MixTape #20 (17 MB)