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You thought our minds were messed up? Check out our music collections...

Continuing the marriage of music and art, Stoodio53 is happy to offer you a glimpse into our musical archives. We offer sets of punk, roots rock, hip hop, electronic, garage and more in 30-minute chunks with a special emphasis on local artists. Setlists and links will be provided so you can pursue the bands you like and send nasty emails to the ones you don't.

Keep in mind that we are publishing these mixes as a free service to both you the listener and the artists involved. We are simply showcasing great music by local and lesser known acts and hope that, if you like what you hear, you will complete the circle and buy some vinyl from these bands. No one is getting paid here, but we can all get down...

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MixTape #39: SpitzzTom takes us down to the Archives
September 6 , 2008

September 6 : We're going back to our Stoodio53 roots on this one..a great mix CD SpitzzTom made back in '04 while we were helping renovate the house that would become the (in)famous Stoodio53..

As front man for Spitzz and guitarist for Boston legends Showcase Showdown, Tom's depth of musical knowledge was not in question. To be sure, this was one mix CD I was grateful to receive. It did not disappoint.

Artists include Open Sores, Pork Dukes, Zolar X, Billy Jo Spears and more..


MixTape39 (27MB)


MixTape #38: Moo brings us down to Flavor Country
August 2 , 2008

August 2: Ah the 90s..remember them? That blissful time when the hairbands were gone but the hair remained. The fluff left the building and the edge was back. Join Moo (dj behind indie MixTape #7) as he takes us for a stroll down recent memory lane..a little place he calls Flavor Country.

Artists include Hazel, Unrest, Crooked Fingers and more..


MixTape38 (31MB)



MixTape #37: mixmastermully live at Phyllis'
July 23, 2008

July 23: There's a new MixTape on the block but be forewarned, this set will drop you right into The Inn Crowd's ass-shakin' maelstrom the likes of which you've never witnessed before. That is unless you were at Phyllis' Musical Inn in Chicago a week ago Friday. Toblerone and I spun our first Friday and pulled out a few stops for good measure. This particular 30-minute slice of the night came during my second set just after midnight..when the fun begins..

Artists include Mr. Jamo, Aaron Butler, Marie "Queenie" Lyons and more..


MixTape37 (29MB)

Special thanks to Selecter70 for the flyer..


MixTape #36: djBullitt's Swan Song?
June 2 , 2008

June 2: Well it's finally happening..Bullitt's heading back down South. After a decade above the Mason Dixon line, the thrill is gone and so is he. I think it had something to do with the coarse New England sand..it just didn't feel like home between his toes. So he and the burgeoning Bullitt clan are headed back to Carolina where he can find an informed conversation on Beach Music just about anywhere.

Before leaving, Bullitt put together a beautiful mix of songs for those long, lazy days sipping sweet tea and rocking on the porch.

Artists include The Tams, Willie 'Sticks' McGhee, J.J. Jackson and more..


MixTape36 (28MB)

Caroline Beach Music Primer


MixTape #35: Indie!
May 10, 2008

May 10: The point of the whole MixTape Series is to celebrate bands that are free from the fetters of corporate ownership. Independent labels provide 99 percent of what you hear on this podcast. But then there's this whole specific genre of musicians that have fallen under the title know as 'Indie'. Well, this MixTape is for them..

Artists include Telenovela, Soltero, Low Moda and more..


MixTape35 (29MB)



MixTape #34: Garagepunk from the INDO
April 27 , 2008

April 27 : Here's one from the archives..a set mixmastermully put together at the Independent in Somerville last December. I mixed some great midwest acts (Soviettes, Busy Signals, Hypstrz) with some of my faves from Boston (Showcase Showdown, Tampoffs, Garage Dogs). Shake well and serve with a beer chaser..

Artists include Awesome Snakes, Miss Alex White, King Khan and his Shrines and more..


INDO set 12-28-07 (29MB)



MixTape #33: Love Gone Good, Love Gone Bad
February 17 , 2008

February 17 : We've all been on both sides of the Love fence. And which side you're currently on will influence which mixtape you decide to download right now. The first celebrates Love in all its innocence and joy. The second catches up with us after the novelty wears off and things turn sour. There's merit in each, of course. Whichever mixtape you choose, I wish you well.

Artists include Ye Court Jesters, The Okmoniks, The Forty Fives and more..


Love Gone Good (31MB)

Love Gone Bad (33MB)


MixTape #32: mixmastermully brings the Funk
January 5, 2008

January 5: Fulfilling the prophecy of the 'Play That Funky Music White Boy' song, mixmastermully put together a set of delicious grooves and ass-shaking beats for his recent set with Selecter70 at The Independent in Somerville, Mass. Hot damn was it funky! In case you missed it, here's a 30-minute slice of the night..

Artists include Fabulous Souls, Jimmy Castor Bunch, Voices of East Harlem and more..


Stoodio53 MixTape #32 (31MB)


MixTape #31: Selecter70 - The Apocalypse, Part Deux
December 2, 2007

December 2: Impending death and destruction by nuclear assault may not be the most pleasant thing to think about, but in the right hands it can be downright inspiring. Take Selecter70 for example. Rather than shy away from the topic, he took it head on and produced six MixTapes. Sure, a lot of us are going to die in a fireball of radiation, at least we've got a soundtrack to play when we're ducking and covering!

Artists include The Controllers, Attilla the Stockbroker, Captain Sensible and more..


Stoodio53 MixTape #31 (41MB)



MixTape #30: Ghostwriter - The short answer is ‘rock n’ roll
November 10 , 2007

November 10: Here's a mix by the one-man existential band Ghostwriter who takes us for a tour inside his head. But don't expect any easy answers:

"The truth is I don’t like it so easily described. I approach music and religion the same way. I borrow useful sections but can’t completely identify myself with one type. Here’s a handful of songs I enjoy from artists I consider genuine. Most of them are stirring the gene pool, explorers of sorts. A couple of them fall within a genre. Not all of the recordings are recent but only two and a half of these artists have taken their place in music history. The others are all active somewhere in the periphery."

Artists include Dex Romwebber, Tav Falco and the Pantherburns, Johnny Dowd and more..


Stoodio53 MixTape #30 (28MB)