Manual download vs. RSS feed

There are many ways to download the Stoodio53 MixTape Series:
1 - manually, by right clicking on the link and saving the file to your hard drive, or
2 - using an RSS feed aggregator or music program such as iTunes to automatically search for podcasts you've subscribed to.

The former method is pretty straighforward. Simply find the content you want and download it. The latter has its advantages, though. Once you subscribe, your computer will automatically and periodically check for new files and download them automatically when found.

To subscribe to the Stoodio53 Mixtape Series:
- right click on the RSS button below,
- copy the link location
- open your mp3 management program (ex. iTunes)
- select 'subscribe to podcast'
- right click to paste the link
Your computer will now keep an eye on the Stoodio53 website and, when a new MixTape is posted, will automatically download it. Not bad, eh?